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Hydrogen | Al Joudy

Hydrogen, the future

Hydrogen has been the fuel of the future for decades, always promising to deliver enormous benefits.

Hydrogen has been discussed as an alternative energy source since 1975. Compared with the traditional carbon- rich fuels such as petroleum, gas, and coal, hydrogen has always been environmentally friendly in terms of carbon emission. Yet, it was expensive to obtain pure hydrogen from nature.

With continuous technological improvement, hydrogen manufacturing costs have gone down significantly. The situation that hydrogen becomes the primary energy source is no longer impossible.

Similar to other energy sources, hydrogen can be used in fuel cells to generate power or heat. The potential for the use of hydrogen is unlimited, such as transportation, commercial, industrial, residential, or even portable electricity through batteries, as 1 gram of hydrogen gas contains three times the power of 1 gram of gasoline


Green hydrogen that is produced from clean energy, to be widely used by 2030, can save the world from fossil fuels that rely on coal and oil, as its production costs continue to fall.

Green hydrogen and other products derived from it provide a massive potential to eliminate carbon emissions in all sectors. The production of green hydrogen contributes to achieving a carbon-free society and can be produced with low energy and can become the fuel of the future.

Being a major eliminator to carbon emissions,Hydrogen is becoming one of the renewable energy sources that many countries of the world seek to benefit from.

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